About Us

Green Peas Organic is a nonprofit organization that operates community plots at the McVean Farm. The farm is located within TRCA’s beautiful Claireville Conservation Area in Brampton. The plots follow organic practices.

Our History

The plots program began in 2013 as an initiative of FarmStart’s farmer incubator program. It quickly grew from 3 to 50 in 2016 and is still growing. We have a wonderful variety of ages, experience, languages, interests, and skills. In 2016 the plots program became an independent project with the nonprofit Green Peas Organic.

Our Mission

To increase local, neighbourhood production of organic food
To build capacity, social capital, and economic opportunities
To rejoice in the joys and rewards of growing

Our Vision

Renewal garden, allotment plots, and small farms interacting
Small-scale, local agricultural engagement creating benefit for individual, household, and neighbourhood.

Our guiding principles

Urban & peri-urban households need opportunities to produce as well as to consume and recreate. Most of us still have a farm in the family within one or two generations but today, for the first time in history, more than half of us live in cities, and city life as we know it presents many challenges and stresses. Some of those can be eased by a few hours of self-directed activity in a natural setting that produces a tangible (and tasty) reward.

Growing food and sharing meals are universal values — as universal as caring for children. In Canada especially, most of our cities are polycultural — but it doesn’t take a shared language to connect on techniques to improve carrot germination, the delights of growing peas for the first time, exchanging surplus produce, or giving applause to a child whose carefully-sown beans are showing their first leaves.

It all starts with the soil. A thriving household-driven agriculture plays a role in food justice, health justice, economic justice, social justice, and environmental justice. It is one support for healthy communities.