Who knew a cabbage could be so beautiful?

Flowers aren’t the only beauty on the plots – luscious plum tomatoes, smooth green-sided zucchini, and glowing carrots also have compelling charms!

But this cabbage beats them all, not only for its unusual colours, form, and texture but (with a farmer’s eye) for its perfection: there’s not a single pinhole to be seen. How did he do that?

Organic produce still growing has the same unearthly vibrancy that just-fallen autumn leaves have – a sheen, a shine, a vitality that dulls a bit only hours after it’s picked. I suspect our eyes are perceiving something outside the common light spectrum, something inherent to being alive and thriving.

We who live by supermarkets and even farmers’ markets rarely see this. “In living colour” became a catch phrase because it had real meaning. But today most urban residents don’t see much living colour from one week to the next. We’re immersed in artificial colours – the paint on walls, the dyes in our clothes, signage and street lights, tools and toys, the beiges and greys of cement and steel, sidewalks and construction, cars and computers. When was the last time you were surrounded by living colour?