Plots tip: Great success with carrot germination

Everyone wants to grow carrots, but they’re picky about germination: they insist on a fine soil and perfectly constant moisture at least until their third set of leaves is showing. Will, one of the GPO plotters, experimented with drip irrigation on raised beds, which he covered with damp burlap until the seedlings were up – a great success.

The Dubois kits are easy to assemble, and even the smallest kit has enough tape for two of our large plots. The water-wise drip tape delivers water exactly where it’s needed, which cuts usage by more than half, and an additional $40 buys a timer for hands-free early-morning watering. We held a “Tent Meet” skills-exchange to learn how the system works, and now several plotters have followed Will’s lead. Wish we had funds to give a kit to all our plotters!

drip irrigation